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June 27, 2020 - TRAACA Doumar's Run - We just managed to scrape up an activity for June, which was quite an accomplishment given the number of events cancelled due to the Covid virus.  A dozen antique vehicles and nearly twice that in members showed up to enjoy Doumar's world-famous drive-in menu and ice cream treats.  With seating space very limited, most of us chose to stand around outside and visit with old friends and admire 'new' old cars. Wes Neil has his newly-acquired 1971 Jeepster and Tim and Phyllis Hund had their 'new' 1950 Jeepster. Nick Smith drove his 1963 VW Bug, Mickey and Toni McChesney arrived in their 1984 Oldsmobile, Bill Treadwell had his 1969 Camaro out, Ken and Barbara Talley drove their 1957 Buick, Neil and Marty Sugermeyer made the trek in their 1995 Ford pickup, Bob Stein had his 1949 MG TC, and Larry Goughan drove his 1970 Challenger.  Also in attendance (though in 'modern' iron) were Bob and Dot Parrish, Jerry Adams, Ron and Sally Hartman, and Wayne Milligan.


May 3, 2020 - HVPR/TRAACA 'Flash' Tour - National AACA President Jim Elliott and First Lady Donna (also members of both TRAACA and HVPR) put together a 'Flash' tour of Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Sherwood Forest Plantation in Charles City that maintained social distancing and still allowed us to get together for a fun activity.  Twenty-five antique vehicles showed up at the start in Grafton, with more expected to join at points along the way. Most everyone wore face masks, and everyone stayed at least 6 feet apart, with appropriate waves, mimed hugs, and air-first bumps.  First stop of the tour was just a few miles down the road at the Law Offices of James W. and James R. Elliott, where restrooms were opened up.  After more tire kicking and socializing, the group got back on Route 17, turning off to drive out by the American Revolution Museum and pick up the Colonial Parkway.  The tour was kept flexible to allow for potential closures, but lunch was planned at Providence Ford (a Subway with curb service) and then the drive out to Sherwood Forest Plantation to look at from the outside.  Many thanks to Jim and Donna for putting this together, and to the Historic Virginia Peninsula Region for inviting TRAACA folks along!


March 14, 2020 - Tour of the Schaubach Collection - Long time member Dwight Schaubach opened up his offices at Johns Brothers in Carrollton, VA for a tour of the restoration shop in the back, and a look at some of his incredible collection.  More than fifty members of the Tidewater and Historic Virginia Peninsula Regions showed up to enjoy donuts and coffee, and viewing historic and classic automobiles ranging from a unique 1929 Stutz roadster, two Duesenbergs, a Cord 810, a 1953 Buick Skylark, a 1962 Plymouth Valiant, and amazing 1939 Lincoln and 1957 Chevrolet resto-rods! Dwight's staff was on hand to answer questions and provide historical backgrounds for some of the vehicles under restoration, including a 1930 Cadillac V-16 which is currently undergoing a frame-up restoration.  Members created a small show of their own in the parking lot, including Bob Stein's 1941 Packard, Ron Pack's 1947 Chrysler, Dan Ciccone's 1951 Studebaker, Tony Scarpelli's 1956 DeSoto, Kenneth Brumley's 1956 Corvette, Matt and Vickie Doscher's 1965 Mercury, Neil and Marty Sugermeyer's 1965 Rambler, Skip Patnode's 1967 Alfa-Romeo, Paul Fuqua's 1969 Camaro, Terry and Sue Bond's 1974 MGB-GT, Mickey McChesney's 1984 Oldsmobile, Jere Avenson's 1987 Porsche, and James and Becky Woodall's 1990 Bronco, Sam Kern's 1991 Honda. After the tour, the group drove out to member Ron Pack's most excellent Smithfield Station restaurant for lunch.  Combined with warm and sunny weather, it was a great outing for all!


March 7, 2020 - TRAACA Annual Swap Meet - We returned to the Nansemond Academy campus in Suffolk, VA this year and were joined by even more auto enthusiasts than last year.  Outside spaces sold out before eight AM, with only those with reserved spaces allowed in afterwards. Although a little cool and breezy, the weather was pretty decent for early March, with sunshine warming things up to the mid-fifties by early afternoon.  Of course, a swap meet needs more than vendors, and there were plenty of prospective buyers on hands as well.  Everything from gas pumps and period clothing to antique bicycles and toys changed hands, along with large quantities of car parts.  The event was a great success thanks to the efforts of Chairman Bill Treadwell and his terrific volunteers, as well those who contributed and manned the bake sale table.  Thanks to all who participated!


February 22, 2020 - Tour to the MacArthur Memorial and Moses-Meyers House - Norfolk history was on the menu for our tour to the MacArthur Memorial and Moses-Meyer house.  Twenty-five TRAACA members  were waiting in front of the MacArthur Memorial Museum when the doors opened at 10 AM, and immediately moved to the museum theater for a short film about Norfolk's illustrious military leader from Word War II and Korea - General Douglas MacArthur.  The museum includes both the theater and gift shop section as well as the original memorial, which started life as Norfolk's City Hall back in 1850.  MacArthur was brought back to Norfolk after his death in 1964 because it had been his mother's home city.  The MacArthur Memorial houses not only artifacts from MacArthur's military and family life, but also pays tribute to veterans of both World Wars and Korea. A separate research facility has over a million documents open to military scholars and historians.  From the Memorial, we walked across the Mall to the Moses-Meyers House.  This is the first brick home built in Norfolk after the British burned the city to the ground during the revolutionary war, and has more than 70% of its original furnishings thanks to a generous donation from the family.  An excellent guided tour took us around the house, even into areas not usually open to the public, where we got detailed histories, personal notes, and even a couple of real-life ghost stories!  At the end of the tour, the group rolled over to the Freemason Abbey restaurant, where a special menu had been provided.  President Wayne Milligan took the opportunity to present Tim Hund with the TRAACA Century Tab earned by his 1919 Oldsmobile.  The tour was a great success - thanks to to Travis and Kimberly Berry for setting this activity up!


February 6-8, 2020 - AACA National Membership Meeting - More than twenty  TRAACA  club members showed up for this year's National Membership Meeting in Philadelphia in support of region members and incoming National President and First Lady Jim and Donna Elliott!  As always, our region provided a dignified and reserved appearance at the national membership meeting that featured red sweatshirts and brass rats.   The Elliotts represent the fifth time Tidewater Region members have filled the highest office in the club in the past ten years - that's HALF!  In addition, TRAACA members either gave or assisted with the presentation of nine seminars.  Mark McAlpine and Bob Stein each presented two seminars, Terry Bond gave three seminars, and Tom Cox presented a seminar and assisted with another. Mark and Marion McAlpine received the AACA Master Editor Award for the fifth time, and Bob Stein was presented with his 20th Web Master award.  Donna and Jim Elliott received the Louis Chevrolet Memorial Award for their 1931 Chevrolet AE Independence Roadster, while Andy Ott was presented the George M. Holley Excellence award for his 1931 Ford Model A pickup.    Tucker Parrish, grandson of Bob and Dot Parrish, received the AACA National Scholarship.  The AACA National Board includes TRAACA members Bob Parrish, Mark McAlpine, and Tom Cox.   Other members in attendance included Wayne and Carol Milligan, Dan Ciccone, Neil and Marty Sugermeyer, Bill Wilcox, Ken Talley, Bill Treadwell, Tony and Leslie Scarpelli, Reggie and Cindy Nash, Tammy Cox, Bill Coburn, and Marion McAlpine (AACA Library Committee member).


January 18, 2020 - Awards and Installation Banquet - Tidewater Region's annual awards and installation ceremony took place at the Holiday Inn Norfolk/Virginia Beach Convention Center, with more than 60 members participating.  This event honors members who have excelled in the hobby and also installs the incoming board of directors and new board members.  President Matt Doscher opened ceremonies with general announcements, followed by a an excellent buffet dinner.  The awards presentations went smoothly (See the Awards List below), with Matt giving special recognition to TRAACA members who are receiving national honors at Philadelphia in February, as well as special awards to TRAACA members for service to the club.  Those recognized included Donna Elliott, Andy Ott, Mark and Marion McAlpine, Dot Parrish, and Bob Stein.  Former AACA and TRAACA President Bob Parrish provided the installation remarks, linking each board and officer role to a vehicle part or function that signified their job.  The 2020 TRAACA board consists of Wayne Milligan - President, Tim Hund - Vice President, Ellen Adams - Secretary, Bill Treadwell - Treasurer, and board members Dot Parrish, Charlie Dawson, Fred Cole, and Douglas Grosz.  The evening ended with closing remarks from Wayne Milligan.


2018 TRAACA Award Winners

  • BARTLETT BOWL: Jim and Donna Elliott (1931 Cadillac)
  • CENTURY AWARD: Tim Hund (1919 Oldsmobile)
  • CENTURY PARTICIPATION AWARD - Jim and Donna Elliott (1903 Cadillac)
  • HARD LUCK AWARD - Pat Locke
  • IVIE LISTER AWARD: Pat Locke (1988 Rolls Royce)
  • BEAULIE CUP: Harry Park (1970 Chevelle)
  • LALIQUE AWARD: Marion McAlpine
  • OVERLAND AWARD: Jim and Donna Elliott (1931 Cadillac)
  • RESTORATION AWARD: Charlie Dawson (1966 El Camino)
  • SPARK PLUG AWARD: Vickie Doscher
  • MUDFLAP AWARD: Terry Bond
  • DURYEA AWARD - Marion McAlpine
  • 25-YEAR MEMBER: Matt Gresalfi
  • 40-YEAR MEMBERS: John and Lynn Heimerl, Murry Goodwin, Larry and Jane Cutright, Neil and Marty Sugermeyer
  • 50-YEAR MEMBERS - Al and Sharon Mercer
January 10-12, 2020 - TRAACA HRADA International Auto Show Display - Although club members have participated in lobby displays at the Hampton Roads Automobile Dealer's Association (HRADA) many times in the past, this year's special display was all TRAACA vehicles focusing on the family car from the 1920s to the 1960s. Show attendees were treated to a review of how family cars have developed over the decades, and also got to vote on which of the vehicles they liked best.  The TRAACA participants included Sam Kern's 1925 Franklin 11-A 5 Passenger Sedan and 1942 Ford Jeep GPW,  Ken and Barbara Talley's 1929 Buick Master 4 Door Sedan, Bob and Linda Pellerin's 1937 Volvo PV52 Sedan, Bob Stein's 1937 Pontiac Deluxe 6, Mickey and Toni McChesney's 1940 Oldsmobile Series 90, Jere and Carol Avenson's 1954 Packard Patrician,  Darlene Hooks' 1955 Ford Club Sedan, Wes Neal and Nancy Soscia's 1962 Jeep Station Wagon,  John and Marie Gancel's 1968 Chevrolet Caprice, and  Charlie and Sandy Dawson's 1966 Chevrolet El Camino.  The voting was close between Wes Neal's Jeep and the Gancel's Chevy, but the grand prize of $1,000 went home with John and Marie!


December 8, 2019 - TRAACA Annual Holiday Brunch - This year's annual holiday season activity brought us back to the elegant buffet brunch at the Princess Anne Country Club in Virginia Beach.  More than eighty members and 18 antique vehicles came out on a cold but sunny day to enjoy the great food and company.  After a social hour and a few brief words of introduction by President Matt Doscher, the group started in on the brunch buffet, which included two omelet bars,  standing prime rib, shrimp, salads, fruit, desserts, and more.  A very brief business meeting got announcements out of the way, and the rest of the gathering was spent socializing and browsing hundreds of photographs kindly donated by Ivan and Marjorie Joslin.


November 15-17, 2019 - Coastal Virginia Auto Show 2019 - This year's Coastal Virginia Auto Show, co-hosted by two-time AACA president and TRAACA member Tom Cox, had a special display of AACA vehicles dead center.  Featuring  Dwight Schaubach's magnificent 1929 and 1930 Duesenberg as well as his 1957 Chevy and 1939 Lincoln hot rods, the AACA display also included Tom Cox's 1959 Oldsmobile, Bob Stein's 1962 Vespa and 1986 Buick, Charlie and Sandy Dawson's 1968 Camaro, Paul and Cori Fuqua's 1969 Camaro, and Jere and Carol Avenson's 1987 Porsche, and Sam Kern's 1988 Chevrolet truck and 'mini' Model T.  Other participants included Bill Treadwell, Chris Hunt, Mark and Marion McAlpine, Neila nd Marty Sugermeyer, and Bob and Dot Parrish. Awards went to Paul Fuqua, Jere Avenson, and Charlie Dawson.


October 19, 2019 - TRAACA Chili Cookoff - The end of October brings many things - including our favorite form of Chili weather - steaming crock pots of chili, cornbread, chicken, macaroni and cheese, brownies, cakes, and all sorts of other good things to eat. Generously hosted again by Dewey and Maxine Milligan, our 2019 Chili Cookoff had nine different chili entries and nearly 50 members attending.  Perfect weather had almost everyone arriving in antique iron, though oldest vehicle easily went to Melanie Kordis' 1930 Model A Ford Roadster. After a brief business meeting and a big THANK YOU from President Matt Doscher to our hosts, Richard Hall took a moment to present the Merritt Horne Award from our Annual Meet to Tim and Phyllis Hund for their magnificent 1921 Locomobile. Then the masses formed lines that went out the door as we started the eating part of the meeting.  It was a tough competition, but in the end we had three award winners.  Vickie Doscher won the third place "Barely Made It Award.'  Travis Berry received the second place 'Almost There Award.  And finally, William Grosz was presented with the coveted 'Best in Bowl' first place award.  As always, this was a fun activity, and we thank everyone who helped make it possible.


October 10-12, 2019 - HERSHEY! - The world's biggest antique vehicle event had an uncharacteristically warm and sunny start, with a perfect day Friday and only a couple of light sprinkles on show day (despite forecasts of sunny skies).  There were plenty of TRAACA folks and friends about, working in official capacities as well as buying and selling.  Seen in and around the various fields were Wayne and Carol Milligan, Mickey and Toni McChesney, John and Lynne Heimerl, Richard and Sandy Hall, Tony and Leslie Scarpelli, , Bill Treadwell, Bob and Dot Parrish, Mark and Marion McAlpine, Bob Stein, Barry Basnight, Bill Coburn, Tom and Tammy Cox, Jim and Becky Woodall, Rad and Marge Tillett, Jim and Donna Elliott, Sam Kern, Reggie Nash, Dan Ciccone, Travis and Kimberly Berry, and Jerry Adams. TRAACA vehicles receiving awards included  Bob Stein's 1962 Vespa 150 (Senior – 5G), Reggie Nash's 1930 Lincoln (Junior - 19A), Sam Kern's 1925 Franklin (Repeat Preservation - 19A), Larry Wickham's 1935 Ford (Repeat Preservation - 22B), Bill Treadwell's 1973 Oldsmobile (Repeat Preservation - 27J), and Jim Elliott's 1993 Camaro (Repeat Preservation – 34I).  In addition, Travis Berry received his certificate and pin for 10 judging credits at the National Judges Breakfast!. (Photos by Marty Sugermeyer and Bob Stein).


September 28, 2018 - 46th Annual Meet/Wings and Wheels Show  - Clear skies and very warm temperatures had people wondering about it being Autumn for our 46th Annual Meet.  Held once again at the Military Aviation Museum in Pungo, about 200 classic and collectible vehicles took part in the dual-venue show.  Unmodified vehicles were featured in our Preserving the Past show, with antique but modified vehicles showcased in our Rods and Mods show.  There was also a display on Cars by the Decade, with representative vehicles that started with Reggie and Cindy Nash's original 1909 Rambler and carried oin up through a new Tesla!  Entries varied wildly from a stunning 1937 Cord to a one-off 1965 Ford Fairlane 'Ute', and included an ambulance, a Vespa motor scooter, and the TRAACA Bookmobile.  In addition to the shows, participants could choose from a number of other activities.  Children's programs included a Youth Judging program sponsored by Hagerty Insurance, as well as a Hot Wheels giveaway and pinewood derby racing.  The Military Aviation Museum also had a broad range of special displays and presentations, and had historic aircraft flying off and all all during the day.  Many thanks to co-chairs Barry Basnight and Marion McAlpine and Chief Judge Jim Elliott for putting together an outstanding event!  (CLICK HERE for a complete list of the Preserving the Past Awards.)


September 14, 2019 - Doumar's Drive-In  -  This visit to the famous Doumar's Drive In in Norfolk had an extra bonus - ice cream was subsidized by the club for all participating members.  Charlie and Sandy Dawson (1966 Mustang) and Bob Ward (1957 Thunderbird) were first on the scene, joined by Bob Stein (1986 Buick), Jerry Adams (1929 Chevrolet on its first run!), Barry Basnight (1969 Camaro), Sam Kern (1988 Chevrolet Truck), Bob Hanbury (1986 El Camino), Bill and Linda Treadwell (1973 Cutlass 442, and Harry and Tammy Park (1970 Chevelle).  Other members arriving in modern iron included Wayne and Carol Milligan, William and Douglas Grosz, and Travis and Kimberly Berry. 


August 17, 2019 - Twenty-Eighth Khedive Fun and Shine Auto Show - The Chesapeake Khedive Shriners’ 28th Annual “Fun-n-Shine” Car Show was held on Saturday, August 17th, at the Khedive Shrine in Chesapeake, VA. This is always a popular show for TRAACA members because of the great selection of vehicles on the show field, the associated swap meet and craft show, and the good cause it supports: Shriner's Hospitals for Children around the country. TRAACA members at the show included Dick Eberle – 1930 Model A Ford, Harry Boone – 1940 Ford DeLuxe, Sam Kern – 1942 Ford Military Jeep, William and Douglas Grosz – 1947 Packard Super Clipper, Bob Hanbury – 1950 Willys Jeepster and 1986 Chevrolet El Camino, Ken Talley – 1955 Buick Century, Darlene Hooks – 1955 Ford Club Sedan, Keith Colonna – 1956 Lincoln Mark II, Al McVicker – 1957 Chevrolet Wagon, Tom Bottoni – 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood and 1962 Cadillac Coupe deVille, Boyd Shwartz – 1962 Volvo 122S, Neil and Marty Sugermeyer – 1965 Rambler Classic Convertible, Joe and Charline Geib – 1966 Avanti II, Cori and Paul Fuqua – 1977 MGB Roadster, and Fred Cole – 1984 Buick Riviera. Other TRAACA folks in attendance included Dan Ciccone, Bob and Dot Parrish, Mickey and Toni McChesney, Frank Lagana, Skip Patnode, Chip Woolford, and Bob Stein.


August 3, 2019 - Doumar's Drive-In Run -  Always a popular destination, the famous Doumar's Drive In in Norfolk played host to more than 30 TRAACA members and families as we drove our antique vehicles to the home of the world's first ice cream cone machine (1905).  While no one opted for curb-side service, there was plenty of activity inside and out as other customers admired the classics on display.  Cars on display included Tim and Phyllis Hund's 1935 Auburn 851, Ken and Jessica Packard's 1937 Packard 120, Keith Colonna's 1955 Lincoln Capri, Alfonso and Patrizia Ludovici's 1956 DeSoto FireFlight, Matt and Vickie Doscher's 1965 Mercury Caliente, Wes Neal's 1966 Mustang convertible, Wayne and Carol Milligan's 1968 Ford LTD, Bob and Dot Parrish's 1978 Corvette, Mickey and Toni McChesney's 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88, and Bob Stein's 1986 Buick Electra.


July 13, 2019 - TRAACA Tour of Fort Wool -  This month's TRAACA activity was a three-hour tour - but not on the S.S. Minnow with Gilligan.  Our intrepid seafarers braved the waters of the Hampton Roads harbor in the Miss Hampton II for a tour of Fort Wool.  Located at the entrance to the Hampton Roads Harbor, Fort Wool (originally named Fort Calhoun) was constructed following the War of 1812 to protect Hampton Roads from the British and other would-be invaders of the era. Its position also denied access to the James River—a vital Union advantage during the Civil War. Presidents Andrew Jackson and John Tyler both used Fort Wool as a summer retreat during their presidencies. Fort Wool is both a state and national historic landmark.  The TRAACA group visited  historic Fort Wool for a 45-minute, narrated, walking tour on the island, which is only accessible by boat. This was followed by a harbor tour of the Norfolk Naval Base waterfront. Many thanks to Ken Talley for organizing this great activity! (Photos by Marty Sugermeyer)


June 15, 2019 - TRAACA Square Car Tour - Nineteen antique vehicles and more than forty people showed up for our Annual Square Car Tour - a drive where the oldest car leads the way, setting the pace for the rest of the participants. Originally scheduled for May, bad weather forced a change to mid-June, and we benefited from perfect weather - lots of sunshine, no humidity, and mid-70s.  Charlie Dawson laid out the tour, which wound through back roads of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and North Carolina with hardly a single stop light. We started off at the Pungo Sports Bar with breakfast available. Tires were kicked and lies were swapped until Charlie called a driver's meeting at 9:30 AM to go over directions. He took point with wife Sandy in a 'modern' yellow Thunderbird, just ahead of Terry Bond in his 1914 Model T Ford. The rest of the participants followed in rough chronological order of the vehicles they were driving, with more modern iron bringing up the rear. The antique vehicles included Bob Good's 1929 Model A Ford, Bob Ward's 1930 Model A Ford, David and Faye Curl's 1931 Model A Ford, Bill Wilcox's 1932 Packard (Sophie), Jere and Carol Avenson's 1941 Packard Deluxe, Sam Kern's 1942 Ford military GP, Bob Hanbury's 1948 Ford restorod convertible, Wes Neal's 1949 Willys Jeepster, Alfonso Ludovici's 1956 Desoto, Keith Colonna's 1955 Lincoln, Wes Neal's 1962 Jeep Station Wagon,  Matt and Vickie Doscher's 1965 Comet convertible, Bill and Linda Treadwell's 1969 Camaro convertible, Sue Bond's 1974 MGB-GT, Bob and Dot Parrish's 1978 Thunderbird, Bob Stein's 1978 MGB-GT, Fred Cole's 1984 Buick Riviera, and Dewey and Maxine Milligan's 1985 Ford Crown Victoria, Charlie kept the pace comfortable for the oldest of the cars, allowing for a leisurely drive. We had a rest stop at the Blackwater Trading Post in Virginia Beach, then rolled through more beautiful countryside before making our final stop for lunch at Pearl's Restaurant in Knotts Island. Thanks to Charlie and Sandy for a great Square Car Tour!
June 7-8, 2019 - ODMA 66th Annual Meet - (Newport News VA) - The Old Dominion Meet Association is a non-geographical chapter of AACA that serves as a gathering point for all of the AACA regions and chapters in Virginia.  Each year a different region or chapter sponsors the annual meet, and this year our neighbors at the Historical Virginia Peninsula Region (HVPR) stepped forward as the hosts. There is a lot of crossover membership between our clubs, so it was no surprise that many of the movers and shakers for HVPR are also part of our region.  Meet Chairman Tony Scarpelli did his usual great job, with lots of help from Jim and Donna Elliott.  TRAACA stalwarts Richard and Sandy Hall handled registration, with assistance from Toni McChesney, Dot Parrish, and Leslie Scarpelli.  Despite cloudy skies and a lingering threat of rain nearly 90 vehicles came out for the show, which was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel and ECPI parking lots in the Newport News City Center.  TRAACA had an excellent showing, with entries ranging from Tim Hund's magnificent 1921 Locomobile Type 48 Tourer to Matt and Vickie Doscher's 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis.  Jim Elliott had his 1949 Chevrolet Good Humor Ice Cream Truck fully stocked, and passed out ice cream bars in exchange for donations to the new AACA headquarters and library building fund. Other TRAACA folks on hand included Frank Lagana, Pat Locke, Dan Ciccone, Bob Parrish, Mickey McChesney, Mark and Marion McAlpine, Bill and Linda Treadwell, Jim and Becky Woodall, Harry and Tammy Park Jr., Wes Neal, Riley Best, Bill Coburn, Bob Stein, Pete Koch, Sam Kern, Douglas and William Grosz, Neil and Marty Sugermeyer, Gordon Garnett, Richard Overbaugh, Karen Kern, Ken Talley, Tom Norris as DJ, Missy Hespenhide, Al Becker, Fred Cole, Chris Hunt, Keith Colonna, Barry Basnight, Tom Allan, Darlene Hooks, Robert Hyatt, Mason Gamage, and Mark Strang. Our participation earned us the coveted Old Dominion Trophy again this year, the 21st time the club has been awarded the honor! HVPR won the Edgar & Walser Rohr Trophy as the region with the largest percentage of members participating in the meet, regardless of region size. Best of Show went to Harry Park's 1970 Chevelle.


May 31 - June 1, 2019 - AACA GRAND NATIONAL (Auburn, IN) - Although The AACA Grand National is always a special event, this year's version was in a league of its own.  Combining three separate car shows, a flea market, car corral, and major antique vehicle auction all in the the same location, you had to work hard to be bored at the 2019 Grand National in Auburn Indiana.  Weather forecasters had called for rain Thursday and Saturday, but other than a brief shower during the night on Saturday, the entire event enjoyed moderate temperatures and sunny skies with pleasant breezes.  The first show for the weekend was the AACA Zenith award, which goes to the one antique vehicle selected by special committee as representing the very best restoration for the year.  This year's recipient was a 1930 Buick roadster.  The next show proved to bit somewhat disappointing - the National Meet for the Rolls Royce Owner's Club only had seven vehicles show, and all but one were post 1990.  However, that failing was more that made up for by the 386 participants in the AACA Grand National.  Rather unusually, there were no TRAACA members going for a Grand National this year - there were plenty of club members taking part, though.  Judges included Tom Cox, Bob and Dot Parrish, Jim Elliott, Terry and Sue Bond, Al Mercer, Dan Ciccone, Bill Coburn, Mark and Marion McAlpine, Neil Sugermeyer, and Jim Bob Stein.  Also out and about were Ken Talley, Bill Wilcox, Marty Sugermeyer (with Johnny), and Sharon Mercer, as well as Region friends Debbie and Tommy Nolan and Franklin Gage (Happy Birthday!).


May 18, 2019 - TRAACA Bar-B-Que - Great food and a chance to socialize with freinds is always a great combination, but add in a near-perfect day and you can't ask for more!  The TRAACA Bar-B-Que hosted by Dewey and Maxine Milligan was all that and more, with a massive catered lunch and all the sunshine you could ask for.  Nearly 60 members took part, driving more than two dozen antique vehicles that ranged from a 1924 Model T Ford all the way up to a late-model Australian-made Chevrolet/Holden Police Special!  The activity, set up by Wayne and Carol Milligan, was subsidized by the club for members and included bar-b-que, fried chicken, hush puppies, cole slaw and green beans, all freshly prepared on the spot.   President Matt Doscher ran a very brief business meeting to make the monthly meeting official.  However, most of the meeting was spent doing what we love most - eating and visiting with fellow members, with some tire kicking outside.  Many thanks to the club for this great activity!


April 28, 2019 - Virginia International Tattoo - Twenty-six TRAACA members and family met at the Scope Arena in Norfolk for the world-famous Virginia International Tattoo, an event consisting of military bands, drill teams, pipes & drums, international dancers, local choirs, and much more.  The show’s theme this year was “Celebrating Women in Service to the Nation,” recognizing women who have served our country in battle and on the home front. The group then went to dinner at the nearby Monastery restaurant. TRAACA members who attended this year’s Tattoo included Angie & Dan Ciccone, Sheryl & Curtis Cook, Vickie & Matt Doscher, Marie Gancel, Sandy & Richard Hall, Phyllis & Tim Hund, Marion & Mark McAlpine, Toni McChesney, Carol & Wayne Milligan, Maxine & Dewey Milligan, Dot & Bob Parrish, Barbara & Ken Talley, and Charlotte & Chip Woolford. Margie & Rad Tillett and John & Lynn Heimerl signed up, but unfortunately could not make the show. Thank you to Dot Parrish for organizing the activity and to John Heimerl for having a connection with the Scope to help with getting our group tickets. (Photos and story by Mark McAlpine)


April 4-6, 2019 - Charlotte Auto Fair and Southeastern Division Spring Meet  - Mel Carson, meet chairman, opened the judges' breakfast by saying "We hope you appreciate that we had the entire area pressure-washed for this meet."  While that did sum up the constant and sometimes torrential rain that hit the racetrack all day Friday, Thursday and Saturday turned out to be great days for browsing for car parts or showing off antique vehicles.  The Hornet's Nest Region did their usual outstanding job of both running the second-largest car parts swap meet in the country and holding the AACA National Meet.  Also as usual, TRAACA had a very good showing both on and off the fields.  Andy Ott received a Senior for his 1931 Model A Ford, Jim and Donna Elliott were awarded  a First Junior for their 1931 Chevrolet, and Bob Stein's 1962 Vespa scooter received a First Junior while his 1993 EV Warrior scooter got a Senior Repeat Preservation Award. Region members who participated in judging included Terry and Susan Bond, Bob and Dot Parrish, Dan Ciccone, Tom Cox, Jim Elliott, Sam Kern, Mark and Marion McAlpine, Tony Scarpelli, Bob Stein, and Bill Treadwell. Also out and about were Mike and Darlene Brown, Dick and Linda Cooper, Tammy Cox, Charlie Daniels, Donna Elliott, Bob Hanbury, Floyd Jolley, Wayne and Carol Milligan, Andy Ott, Leslie Scarpelli, and Rad and Marge Tillett.


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