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November 11, 2023 - TRAACA Square Car Tour - Cool and cloudy weather made it a great day to be rolling around in vintage iron for the TRAACA Square Car Tour.  Eighteen vehicles and 35 people showed up for the activity, which provided an easy=paced tour of back roads throughout Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and North Carolina.  We left from the Kroger parking lot at Centerville Turnpike and Mount Pleasant Road just after 11 AM. Tour leaders Richard and Sandy Hall and their 1988 GMC pickup let Tony Miller set the pace in his 1925 Model T roadster.  The next oldest was Ken Talley in his 1928 Buick with a jump of just over 20 years to Bob Stein's 1949 Nash Ambassador, which included passengers Tracy Daly and Jennifer Beach.  Jere and Carol Avenson drove their 1954 Packard Patrician, and Keith Colonna had his 1956 Lincoln Mark II out for the drive. Bob Ward drove his 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS, Tony and Leslie Scarpelli were driving their freshly-restored 1965 Pontiac GTO convertible, Hilary and Jack Pavlidis were in Hilary's 1967 Mercury Cougar, and Bill Treadwell traveled top-down in his 1969 Camaro convertible.  There were three MGB-GTs on the tour: Linnie and Marie Pearce from Tidewater MG Classics in their immaculate 1967, Chip Woolford and Cheri Di Munno in Chip's 1973, and Terry Bond in his 1974.  Tim Hund and passenger Ben Woolford made the trek in Tim's 1980 Triumph TR-8. with Bill Coburn making the tour in his 1985 Chevrolet Camaro. Additional participants in modern iron included Dan and Chris Ciccone, Charlie and Barbara Edwards, Alfonso and Patrizia Ludovici, and Tyler Gimbert (driving a rare Holden=based 2015 police vehicle).  The tour went approximately 55 miles, with a rest stop at Northwest River Park, and ended back at the same shopping center.  Then it was time for lunch at Los Primos Mexican Grill, located next to Kroger, where Tammy Park and Dot Parrish joined the group.  Many thanks to Richard Hall for laying out the tour and all the folks who participated! 


October 14, 2023 - TRAACA Garage Tour - More than 50 members showed up for the Garage Tour to Bruce Sedel's Cottonwood Farm.  Although the weather was wet and cool, a number of antique vehicles made the trek to Chesapeake, including Tony Miller's 1925 Model T Ford roadster. Bruce had a great display of antique tractors, porcelain signs, and even an all-original 1949 Nash among other interesting vehicles.  Lunch was catered by Southland, our favorite provider for special activities, with the tables and chairs provided by the Milligan clan. In addition to fried chicken, bar-b-que (rumored to have been made form Bruce's ex-wife's pet pig), coleslaw, potato salad, and greens, club members brought a wide variety of desserts to be shared.  The catering cost of the event was covered by the club, and Bruce went all out making sure this was a garage tour to remember.  Many thanks for a great event!


October 3-6, 2023 - HERSHEY! - The 2023 swap meet and show was a big event with sunny skies and warm temperatures right up to the morning of the show.  However, even the Friday rain let up before the 998 vehicles registered for the shows had to be on the field. Long-time attendees like Tom Cox and Terry Bond started their buying early in the week, and even those who really weren't planning to buy anything discovered deals they couldn't pass up. TRAACA members were also set up to sell: Terry and Sue Bond, Riley Best, Sam Kern, Bill Treadwell, Bill Coburn, and Bob Powell all had vendor spaces. Even more members could be spotted around the flea market looking for deals, including Bill and Doug Grosz, Tim Hund, James and Becky Woodall, Jim and Donna Elliott, Richard and Sandy Hall, Jerry Adams, Bob Stein, Barry Basnight, Reggie Nash, and Bob and Dot Parrish. We even got a visit from PA member Pam Bond! The region was represented on the field by Bob Stein's 1995 EV Warrior electric moped, Reggie and Cindi Nash's 1904 Rambler touring car, and Jim and Donna Elliot's 1998 Corvette.  However, judging was where the Region's presence was really felt: show judges included Terry and Sue Bond, Bob and Dot Parrish, James and Donna Elliott, Bill Coburn, Tom Cox, Sam Kern, Bob Stein, Bill Treadwell, and James Woodall.  Bob Stein received a Junior Award for his 1995 Bricklin EV Warrior electric moped,  Reggie Nash earned a Repeat Preservation for his 1904 Rambler L and a Senior Award for his 1922 LaFayette 134, and James Elliott won a Senior Award for his 1998 Chevrolet Corvette.


September 16, 2023 - 49th Annual Meet - TRAACA returned to Chesapeake City Park after a 15-year absence.  About 175 vehicles showed up to participate in the revised venue, which was broken up into the AACA show and Clubs, Personalized, and Contemporary Vehicles in a separate group.  More information will be provided when it becomes available.


September 2, 2023 - First Saturday at Doumar's - Only three members showed up for this month's First Saturday gathering at Dounar's Drive-In, despite some perfect weather.  Bob Stein had his 1948 MG TC, Chip Woolford drove his 1973 MGB-GT, and Fred Cole brought his 1988 Buick Reatta coupe. Attendance was probably hurt by the fact that this was the first day of the Labor Day Weekend, and lots of folks had plans.


August 19, 2023 - Khedive Temple 31st Fun and Shine - Tidewater Region was out in force at the Khedive Temple's 31st Fun and Shine Car Show, held at the Khedive Center in Chesapeake. With 291 vehicles registered and perfect weather (Apparently arranged by Skip Patnode), the even was a huge success.  Entries from TRAACA included Tony Miller's 1925 Model T Ford,  Jim and Becky Woodall's 1941 Mercury convertible, Bob Stein's 1941 Packard 110, Bill Grosz's 1947 Packard Custom Super, Jere and Carol Avenson's 1954 Packard Patrician, Bob Ward's 1955 Chevrolet hardtop, Keith Colonna's 1955 Lincoln Capri hardtop, Ken Talley's 1955 Buick Century, Alfonso and Patrizia Ludovici's 1956 DeSoto Fireflight, Tom Bottoni's 1858 Cadillac Fleetwood and 1962 Coupe deVille, Riley Best's 1964 Plymouth Valiant station wagon, Doug Grosz's 1968 Oldsmobile 98 sedan, Bill Treadwell's 1969 Chevrolet Camaro convertible, Larry Goughan's Nineteen Sixty-Nine (1969) Dodge Charger Daytona, Fred Cole's 1972 Cadillac Coupe deVille, Sam Kern's 1988 Chevrolet dually truck,  and Herbert Mumford's 2019 Corvette CR-1. Tim Hund manned a membership tent for the club with assistance from Bob Parrish, Sam Kern, Judy Harding, and Bill Treadwell, and Mickey McChesney was set up as a vendor. SKip Patnode was helping run the show, and Ellen Adams was set up inside selling crafts.  Also seen on the field were Jerry Adams, Dot Parrish, Toni McChesney, Chip Woolford, Harry Park, and Barry Basnight. Participants all got dash plaques, and Larry Goughan's 1969 Daytona, Bob Wards's 1955 Chevrolet, and Bob Stein's 1941 Packard received first place awards for their classes.


August 5, 2023 - TRAACA Special First Saturday at Doumar's - Our First Saturday gathering at Doumar's Drive Inn was a special affair this month with each member getting a $10 voucher for food purchases.  Arriving with perfect timing just as the lunch crowd started to thin, TRAACA members had in impromptu show outside with vehicles ranging from Tony Miller's 1925 Model T Ford roadster and Bob Stein's 1948 MG TC to Larry Goughan's 1970 Dodge Daytona and Fred and Sally Cole's 1998 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car.  Other antique vehicles included Skip Patnode's 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spyder, Bill and Linda Treadwell's 1969 Camaro convertible, Chip Woolford's 1971 MGB-GT, Riley Best's 1971 Plymouth Satellite, Tim Hund's 1980 Triumph TR-8, Nick Smith's 1987 Cadillac Sedan deVille, and Scott Davies' 1995 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electraglide motorcycle.. Also participating in modern iron or as guests were Ron and Sally Hartman, Terry Bond, Ben Woolford, Cheri Munno, Tammy Park, and Phyllis Hund. The First Saturday gatherings at Doumar's are always fun, and fall in between the lunch and inner rush.  Thanks to all who participated!


June 10, 2023 - Richmond Region Collector Car Show and Swap Meet - The 54th annual Richmond Region car show and swap meet was held on the grounds of St. Joseph's Villa with well over 300 vehicles in attendance.  Open to stock, antique, modified, and modern vehicles alike, the show donates all of the General Admissions gate proceedings to St. Joseph's Villa, a nonprofit organization providing education, health services, shelter and support to children and families.  TRAACA folks participating included Sam Kern, Bill Treadwell, and Bob Stein in the judging teams, and Bob Powell's 1953 Packard Caribbean convertible, Tim Hund's 1965 TVR Griffith, Bill Treadwell's 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, Sam Kern's 1988 Chevrolet Dually Pickup,  and Mike and Darlene Brown's 1998 Ford Mustang convertible. Also seen on the field were Chip Woolford and son Ben, Dan Ciccone, and Tyler Gimbert. The weather was perfect, clear and sunny.
May 19-20, 2023 - AACA Eastern Spring Nationals (Gettysburg) - Despite predictions of rain, all day Saturday as late as Friday afternoon, the AACA Eastern Spring Nationals held in Gettysburg PA enjoyed near-perfect sunny skies and pleasant temperatures. The activity was based out of the Gateway, a conference facility with two hotels and lots of parking for the show. More than 500 vehicles were registered for the show, which made it one of the largest of the year. The Eastern Spring Nationals honored past AACA Presidents this year, and TRAACA was well represented with two-time president Jim Elliott and First Lady Donna, two-time president Tom Cox, Bob Parrish and First Lady Dot, and Terry Bond and First Lady Susan all being recognized for their service to AACA. A special display of President’s vehicles included Terry and Sue’s 1912 Triumph motorcycle and 1974 MGB-GT and Jim and Donna’s 1973 Cadillac limousine. On the show field, Reggie and Cindi Nash were presented with a Senior Award for their 1918 Nash, Mike and Darlene Brown received a Second Junior for the 1998 Mustang convertible, Joe Gentile received a Senior award for his 1970 AMX, Jim Elliott was presented with a Senior Award for his Cadillac, and Tom Cox’s 1985 AMC Spirit was certified HPOF, while Terry and Sue Bond received Repeat Preservation awards for their vehicles. TRAACA was also very evident in judging. Sam Kern and Dan Ciccone both revived recognition for judging plateaus, and Bill Treadwell was recognized as a new Team Captain. Additional Judges and Admin Staff for the activity included Bob and Dot Parrish, Jim and Donna Elliott, Tom Cox, Terry and Sue Bond, Bob Stein, Bill Coburn, and Neil Sugermeyer. Also on the field were Harry and Tammy Park and Marty Sugermeyer. (Images by Harry Park, Cindi Nash, and Tom Cox)
May 13, 2023 - TRAACA May Catered Lunch - Dewey and Maxine Milligan once again hosted the region for a catered lunch at thier amazing property in Chesapeake. As usual, the event was mostly socializing and eating, with a short business meeting to fill the time until food was ready. Southland provided fresh fried chicken, bar-b-que, green beans, baked beans, cole slaw, hush puppies, rolls, and cookies. Additional dessert was provided in the form of birthday cake for Dot Parrish, who celebrated her... um.... 29th! Vehicles on hand included Tony Miller's 1925 Model T (driven, as usual, from Portsmouth!), Dave and Faye Curl's 1930 Model A Ford Tudor, Ken and Barbara Talley's 1939 Mercury, Wayne and Carol Milligan's 1968 Ford LTD, Riley Best's 1971 Plymouth Satellite, Bill Treadwell's 1974 Oldsmobile 442, Nick Smith's 1981 Jeep CJ-7, Mickey and Toni McChesney's 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88, Dewey and Maxine Milligan's 1985 Ford Crown Victoria, and Fred Cole's 1988 Buick Reatta.


April 13-15, 2023 - Charlotte Auto Fair -The ‘Little Hershey of the South’ got a bit too close to the PA event with a full day of rain smack dab in the middle of activities. Happily, the show day was free of the wet stuff, and there was enough time to see everything if you you didn’t dally among the vendors. Dennis Carpenter was open again this year, with a great selection of memorabilia, parts, and literature that could be viewed out of the rain, and there was also a lot of visitation to The Depot antique mall. A bit more alarming was showing up for the Judges Breakfast – only to find no breakfast! Coffee showed up within the hour and breakfast biscuits were brought in as the meeting was coming to a close. As usual, TRAACA had a good showing in the Judge’s Tent, including Bill Coburn, Dan Ciccone, Bill Treadwell, Terry Bond (who also presented a CJE class , Jim Elliott, Bob Parrish, Sue Bond, Donna Elliott, David Dillahunt, Ellerose Dillahunt (Junior Judge Program), Bob Stein, Tom Cox, and Pat Locke. Dot Parrish received her 100th Judging Credit! On the field, Joe Gentile received a First Junior award for his 1970 AMX, and Bob Stein received a HPOF certification for his 1973 Solex. Spectators included Valarie Dillahunt, Tammy Cox, Harry Park, and Chip Woolford. Next year’s event is scheduled to be a Dual Meet – Friday Grand National and Saturday National Meet.


April 1, 2023 - Old Dominion Meet Association Show - Fredericksburg -  This year's ODMA show started off as a damp affair, with light rain off and on most of the morning.  Hosted by the Historic Fredericksburg Region, this year's activity was held at the Fredericksburg Nationals baseball stadium.  Tidewater had folks on the field judging, working administration, and just enjoying the cars.  Tim Hund showed his 1965 TVR-Griffith, Bill Treadwell brought his 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, Bob Stein drove his 1986 Buick Electra, and Sam Kern showed his 1988 Chevrolet Dually pickup. Sandy and Richard Hall assisted with registration along with Phyllis Hund, and Wes Neal came up to look around. The start was delayed an hour to give those who didn't want to get their cars rained on so leeway, and soon after the skies cleared up!  All of the Tidewater folks got the award they were up for. This show marked the ODMA's 70th year of operation, and was celebrated with a special oversized anniversary cake provided by Wally and Elizabeth Hunt.  The show also featured a 50/50 Raffle and a Silent Auction, with an awards banquet Saturday night. Although the weather scared off a lot of pre-registered folks, those who participated had a great time and a very enjoyable show. 


March 25/26, 2023 - TRAACA/HVPR Joint Spring Tour -  Our 2023 Spring Tour was the first overnight activity in years, and proved to be far more popular than expected. The opportunity to 'Get Lost with Bill and Ken' was so enticing that the hotel sold out in three days!  (In truth, the actual directions were prepared by Robyn Burnham, Bill Wilcox's far better half, so maybe we should call the tour a 'Ride with Robyn.'  In any case, we started off in the Hampton Lowe's parking lot on Saturday morning.  The lineup was quite impressive.  Dave and Faye Curl brought their 1930 Model A Ford, Chris and Fara Harris-Evans drove their 1941 Packard 160, James Stansbury had his 1948 Chrysler Windsor, Bob Stein was driving his 1951 Studebaker Land Cruiser, Tour Leader Ken and Barbara Talley had two younger generations riding with them in their 1955 Buick Century, Tour Leader Bill Wilcox and Robyn Burnham were in their 1956 Chrysler Imperial, Alfonse and Patricia Ludovici drove their 1956 DeSoto FireFlight, Keith Colonna had his 1956 Lincoln Mark II, Bob and Dot Parrish were driving their 1958 Chevrolet Impala, John and Lynn Heimerl were in their 1963 Supercharged Studebaker Avanti, Jim and Becky Woodall had their 1966 Mercury Caliente, Skip Patnode drove his 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto, Bill and Linda Treadwell were in their 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, and Mickey and Toni McChesney drove their 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88.  And those were just the folks in old cars!  We also had Dan and Chris Ciccone, Richard and Sandy Hall, Bob and Linda Pellerin, and Harry and Tammy Park in modern iron. The first stop of the tour was the Gloucester Court Circle, a historic site with one of the oldest Courthouses in the country still in use.  The site includes a debtor's prison, jail, and a 'fireproof' Clerk of Court's building.  Then it was off to lunch at Southwind Pizza, where they not only served incredible meals of all sorts, but nearly put our club treasurer in a food coma with a banana split that looked like it should feed a family of four.  Following lunch, we went to the Deltaville Maritime Museum, actually a large complex with walking paths, internal and external displays, and even full-sized restored vessels such as the skipjack Virginia and a replica of the shallop used by Captain John Smith and his men to map the Chesapeake Bay.  Then it was time to check into the Dockside Inn, a hotel that was pretty much bought out by the old car folks.  We had a couple of hours to rest up before dinner at The Galley restaurant, which stayed open late to accommodate our large (and possibly unruly) crowd. Sunday morning started with a drive to the home of TRAACA members Sam Kern and Judy Harding in Hudgins, VA for coffee, juice, water, donuts, and breakfast sandwiches.  Their place is quite unusual - a huge workshop/garage facility with an immaculate and stylish 1700-square-foot living area in the front.  From there, tour participants walked just two-tenths of a mile to the Gwynn's Island Museum, a surprisingly impressive facility that was created, built, and is operated by private funds.  The museum host even had his 1930 Model A Ford roadster parked outside. There were two more stops in the tour, both on the way back home.  Part of the group veered off for a quick look at the Gloucester Marketplace antique mall, rejoining the rest for the final activity, a tour of the Abingdon Episcopal Church, established in 1650. It was actually saved from being burned along with other churches by Union forces in the Civil War when the unit commander decided to use the building as a stable instead of destroying it.  We all went home on our own after a very pleasant weekend.  Many thanks to Bill, Ken, and Robyn for putting together a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable tour! (Photos by Marty Sugermeyer and Bob Stein)


March 11, 2023 - TRAACA Annual Swap Meet - This year's Swap Meet made a triumphant return to March, once again becoming the kick-off event for Tidewater auto enthusiasts.  Though occasionally gusty, threats of rain never materialized and the day was sunny and dry.  And boy, did participants show up!  Outside spaces were sold out and most of the inside spaces were reserved as well, making this the biggest Swap Meet so far.  There were twelve venders already on the field when Jerry Adams showed up to start registration, and the pace didn't let up all morning.  The inside bake sale was a big success, worked by Tammy Park, Sandy Hall, Toni McChesney, Marion McAlpine, and Dot Parrish, and Carol Milligan took care of the club store table.  Outside, Fred Cole, Mark McAlpine, and Skip Patnode assisted co-chairs Jerry Adams and Bill Treadwell in keeping the madness to a minimum.  The large turnout included lots of spectators and potential customers, plus a wide variety of auto parts, memorabilia, and related items.  Many thanks to all of the TRAACA folks who volunteered, set up, or showed up, with special gratitude to Jerry Adams and Bill Treadwell who made the event happen!


February 18, 2023 - TRAACA Special Sandwich Meeting - Our February meeting was a special Saturday Sandwich meeting hosted by the ever-generous Dewey and Maxine Milligan.  The event took the place of our usual monthly dinner meeting, and was catered by Southland Restaurant.  As usual with any of the special events held at the Milligan's, we had a huge turnout of members and lots of old cars to look at.  Tim Hund started off with a short business meeting, then turned things over for two special announcements.  Ken Talley and Bill Wilcox have put together an overnight tour to the Gloucester area March 25-26 that includes a visit to member Sam Kern's new home/shop facility and a tour of a 1600s church.  Then Barry Basnight announced the 49th Annual TRAACA Fall  Meet, which will be held September 16th. This year's event returns to the Chesapeake City Park after a decade of shows at the Pungo Airport, and features a salute and display for the 70th Anniversary of Corvette, as well as a CPC section - Custom, Personalized, and Contemporary, that will be open to all vehicles. More information will be provided on these activities as it becomes available.  After business, we all settled into pork and chicken bar-b-que sandwiches, slaw, Brunswick Stew, and Beef Vegetable Soup.  Antique vehicles present included Tony Miller's 1925 Model T, Dave and Faye Curl's 1930 Model A Ford Tudor, Bob Stein's 1951 Studebaker Land Cruiser, Ken and Barbara Talley's 1955 Buick Century, Bob and Dot Parrish's 1958 Chevrolet Impala, Wayne and Carol Milligan's 1968 Ford LTD, Scott Davies in Holley Forester's 1969 MGB-GT, Tim Hund's 1970 Mustang Boss, Scott and Michelle Parker's 1971 MGB-GT, Fred Cole's 1972 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, Terry and Sue Bond's 1974 MGB-GT, Nick Smith's 1987 Cadillac SedanDeVille, and Barry Basnight's 1994 Suzuki Sidekick.
February 9-11, 2023 - AACA National Membership Meeting - The AACA National Membership Meeting returned to Williamsburg for 2023, this time in the usual February time frame.  TRAACA was well represented on multiple fronts. Six of the program seminars were presented by members Terry Bond, Tom Cox, and Bob Stein.  TRAACA members also participated in the joint TRAACA/HVPR vehicle display on Saturday, with 17 cars and trucks in a mini-show just outside the convention center entrance.  The special display included Tony Miller's 1925 Model T Ford (driven from Portsmouth!), Paul Fuqua's 1931 Chevrolet, Tony Scarpelli's 1948 Chrysler, Bob Stein's 1951 Studebaker, Bill Coburn's 1985 Camaro, and Bob Powell's 1987 Jaguar. The display caught the attention of area enthusiasts, who brought out a 1949 Buick Roadmaster Ambulance/Hearse, a 1954 Oldsmobile Dune Tour car with original paint, and a 1955 Chevrolet pickup. Member attending the weekend event included Bob and Linda Pellerin, James and Becky Woodall, Richard and Sandy Hall, Bob and Dot Parrish, Harry and Tammy Park, Bill Treadwell, Bob Powell, Sam Kern, Bob and Pam Bond, Neil and Marty Sugermeyer, Tom and Tammy Cox, Wes Neal, Doug and William Grosz, Reggie and Cindi Nash, Tony and Leslie Scarpelli, Terry and Sue Bond, Tim and Phyllis Hund, Bill Coburn and nephew Aiden, and Jim and Donna Elliott.  Terry Bond and Neil Sugermeyer received 50-Year pins for their half-century in AACA. Tom Cox was presented with the Charles E. Duryea Cup in honor of his many years of service to the  AACA Board of Directors.  At the awards banquet, Reggie and Cindi Nash were awarded the AACA Cup Eastern Division for the outstanding restoration of their 1918 Nash. Tim Hund received the S.F. Edge Trophy for his 1933 Morgan Super Sports Aero, and Doug Grosz was presented with his third consecutive Master Editor Award for the region's Mudflap newsletter.  The HVPR's Sheldon Gilliam Sr. was presented with the Lincoln-Continental-Mercury Award for his 1965 Mercury Comet Caliente. (Pictures by Marty Sugermeyer, Cindi Nash, and Bob Stein)


January 19, 2023 - TRAACA Installation and Awards Banquet - This year's Installation and Awards banquet was held in the Hunt Rom of the Founder's Inn in Virginia Beach, and as always, was well attended.  President Tim Hund started off with introductions, and had Nick Smith provide the benediction.  Following the buffet dinner, Tim turned the podium over to Vice President Bill Treadwell for the presentation of awards. First off was recognition of 50-year member Riley Best and Craig and Cheryl Casper.  The Duryea Award for most contributions to AACA overall  was presented to Terry Bond.  The Century Awards for vehicles more than 100 years old went to Richard Hall and Jim Elliott, and the Century Participation Award went to Jim Elliott.  The Bill Holmes - Overland Award for a pre-1927 vehicle most active in AACA events went to Sam Kern for his 1925 Franklin.  The 2023 TRAACA President's Award for greatest contribution to the club went to Marion McAlpine.  Tim Hund was presented with the Restoration Award for his 11-year effort on a 1931 Morgan, and Marty Sugermeyer received the Mud Flap Award for her contributions to the newsletter. The Bartlett Bowl for the most points scored in AACA events went  to Jim Elliott, and the Merritt Horne Participation Award went to Dewey and Maxine Milligan for their constant support of club activities.  The Ivie Lister Award for the highest-scoring British Car went to Tim Hund for , and the Spark Plug Award for contributions to the club was presented to Bob Stein.  The LaLique Award for long-term contributions and leadership for the club was given to Jim Villers, and the Beaulieu Cup for the most points scored with a single vehicle went to Harry Park. That left the Hard Luck trophy, which went to Bob and Linda Pellerin in commemoration of the theft of their 1937 Volvo.  Linda gave a brief overview of the theft for those who had not already heard.  Bob Parrish then took over for the installation of 2023 TRAACA officers. Somehow always managing to come up with a different theme every year, this year's ceremony followed the invaluable chocolate bar.  He gave each board member (Herbert Mumford, Paul Fuqua, Nick Smith, and Fred Cole) a different variation of the basic Hershey bar, then presented incoming treasurer Harry Park, secretary Doug Grosz, vice-president Bill Treadwell, and president Tim Hund with candy bars that had a punny link to their duties.  Tim Hund closed the evening after presenting Thank You awards to departing board members Skip Patnode, Tammy Park, Dick Chipchack, and Jerry Adams.


January 13-15, 2023 - HRADA International Car Show - One of the biggest displays at the 2023 HRADA International Car Show held this past weekend at the Virginia Beach Convention Center was a collection of antique vehicles presented by TRAACA and HVPR members. TRAACA members in the display included Terry Bond's 1912 Triumph Motorcycle, Tim Hund's 1929 Auburn 890 Speedster Boattail, Paul Fuqua's 1931 Chevrolet Independence Coupe, Bill Wilcox's 1932 Packard 903 Convertible Sedan, Sam Kern's 1942 Ford Jeep GPW, Tony Scarpelli's 1948 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible, Jere Avenson's 1954 Packard Patrician, Darlene Hook's 1955 Ford Club Sedan, Keith Colonna's 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II, Bob Pelllerin's 1969 MGB roadster, Larry Goughan's 1970 Dodge Challenger, and Richard Overbaugh's 1993 Porsche 968. The display included two tables with membership information for TRAACA, AACA, and HVPR.  The display drew a lot of attention, and members handed out application to TRAACA, AACA, and HVPR, as well as answering a lot of questions.


December 11, 2022 - Tidewater Region Holiday Brunch! -  Nearly 80 people members showed up for our 2022 Holiday Brunch at the Chesapeake Country Club, with more than 20 vintage cars ranging from Bob Stein's 1941 Packard to Larry Goughan's 1993 Camaro.  Doors opened at 10 AM, allowing members to socialize for an hour before the Country Club provided its usual feast.  This year's event was missing a crucial item - Terry and Sue Bond were out sick, when meant no yearly 'letter' summarizing the club's 2022 activities.  Sandy Hall and Linda Pellerin stepped up with a holiday song split by tables, where each group sang a different part of '12 Days of Christmas.'  Most of the event was spent visiting with friends and stuffing our faces - both activities which TRAACA members excel at.  And a great way to close out this year.


November 18-20, 2022 - Coastal Virginia Auto Show -  The Seventh Annual Coastal Virginia Auto Show had participation from TRAACA and HVPR members, as well as special appearances by show host Tom Cox!  The three-day event at the Virginia Beach Convention Center included modern, resto-rod, and exotic cars as well as classic and antique vehicles.  TRACCA members included Sam Kern and his 1942 World War II Ford Jeep GPW, Larry Goughan and his 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T and 1971 Dodge Charger R/T, Bill Treadwell with his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, Wes Neal with his 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Harry Park with his 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS convertible, Ron Pack and his 1933 Packard Victoria. Dwight Schaubach and his 1956 Chrysler 300. Harry Park received the award for Best Build and Larry Goughan was presented with the Veteran's Trophy. Sheldon Gilliam Sr., of the Historic Virginia Peninsula Region, was there with his 1965 Mercury Comet Caliente convertible, and received the Best Restoration trophy. 


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